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My Palm Software:
I'd prefer if my software was downloaded from PalmGear (where available) so I have a download count. Thank you!


Direct .prc download (PalmGear dropped it) Source Code
Does your Palm shut off right when you're in the middle of something important?
Don't you hate how Palm's AutoOff setting has so few options to choose from?
Well, these problems and more will be solved with SetAutoOff. SetAutoOff is the easiest and most customizable program that allows you to change the settings of Palm's AutoOff features. Instead of just having 4 options to choose from, now you can have many many different options! You can have your PDA shut off after just 3 seconds of inactivity, or have it wait 60 minutes. Also, you can disable the AutoOff feature by setting it to 0 minutes and 0 seconds.
So, now you can watch a slideshow or read an ebook on your pda without having about your PDA automatically shutting off when you least expect it.
Get SetAutoOff @ PalmGear today!
Credits to jpzsports for writing up the product description! Without him, I would've never release it to the net.
[Written '04-'05]
Downloads: June - 700. July - 106. Aug - Dec: 266 (1072).
SetAutoOff Screenshot
WebSphere JVM Installer Local copy
WebSphere's Palm JVM needs to be HotSynced to install. But I never HotSync; I do everything via a card reader. So, how do I use the JVM? I wrote this small app to install the JVM. It tells the installer that it just got HotSynced and the JVM installs :)


PocketC is an interpretted language. This means that, like Java on your PC, a virtual machine is required to run the software.
OrbWorks offers two solutions: a seperate runtime environment (RTE) program, or a PRC with a built in RTE. The first is good if you got a whole lot of PocketC apps; you only need to have one copy of the RTE. The second solution is more convenient if you only have a few PocketC apps; you don't need an extra program installed.
The PocketC RTE can be found here.
For your convenience, I tried compiling my stuff with and without the RTE. Without the RTE, the apps are ~3kb. With the RTE, ~60kb.
StylusTest (PG) Local copy (without RTE) Local copy (with RTE) Source Code
This app draws a big crosshair on the screen when you tap (or drag) the stylus.
It was made to help check if your digitizer was proper calibrated.
AnalogClock (without RTE) AnalogClock (with RTE) Source code
When I first got PocketC I downloaded an example app with it: an analog clock.
I was... not impressed with the clock and decided to make a better version.
[Written '03-'04]
Analog Clock
Dice (without RTE) Dice (with RTE) Source Code
Written so I could play backgammon when I didn't have dice (I always have my Palm). Looks spiffy
[Written '05]
Metronome (without RTE) Metronome (with RTE) Source Code
Well, my roommate had a Palm and didn't want to buy a metronome. So I custom made him one.
[Written '04-'05]
TicTac2Playr (without RTE) TicTac2Playr (with RTE) Source Code
TicTac_AI (without RTE) TicTac_AI (with RTE) Source Code Source Library
Written because I was soooo bored in class!
First wrote two player, then wrote a library to make moves for a player.
[Written '03-'04]

To come

To be added:

  • Blank (OnBoardC) [Written '04]
  • Blank2 (OnBoardC) [Written '04-'05]
  • Boggle (PocketC) [Written '04-'05]
  • Draw (PocketC) [Written '04
  • Draw2 (OnBoardC) [Written '04-'05
  • Othello (PocketC) [Written '04-'05
  • Piane (PocketC) [Written '04-'05
  • TimeLogger (PocketC) [Written '04]
If you want the stuff NOW!, I uploaded all my code haphazardly as and
Remember to provide feedback!!!
Blank Blank2 Boggle Draw2 Draw2 Othello Piano TimeLogger

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